Wealth vs Poverty on the streets of Lima

I’m currently heading out of the Peruvian capital of Lima, towards Nazca. I thought it would be good to jot down a few cultural differences and similarities I’ve noticed so far.   There is poverty and there is wealth, in the same city, even on the same streets. In the UK, Europe and Australia, and possibly other western countries too, you get street beggars, just wrapped in a blanket with a cap or a cup for money,sometimes with a dog. In Lima I’ve noticed some street beggars presenting a dying relative, with a placard explaining the illness. One that really … Continue reading Wealth vs Poverty on the streets of Lima

overcoming jetlag

18 months ago when I went to Australia, I was told (and in my experience this is true) that the best way to get over jetlag is to just go with local time…for example if you arrive at your destination in the morning, stay awake until at least the evening. This has worked for me before, so this is what I was planning on doing upon arriving in Lima. My orginal arrival time was 5.30pm local time, which meant by the time I’d passed through immigration etc and arrived at my hotel, it would be time for bed. However due … Continue reading overcoming jetlag

The true meaning of ‘Destination Unknown’

There’s a song playing on a loop in my head, I’m not sure what its called, but it has the line ‘anything can happen’. So true.   You could turn up to the airport as soon as check-in opens for your flight to LIM, after about 1 hour of sleep, only to find that half an hour before boarding it is delayed at least 2 hours, making sure you miss your connecting flight in CDG. Yes, this happened to me.   This sent me into panic mode, wondering how I was going to actually get to Lima. I spoke to … Continue reading The true meaning of ‘Destination Unknown’

The Packing Process

So I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I’m taking a backpack with me to South America, and that I have difficulty packing (I just can’t concentrate on it for long enough). The before shot. I also mentioned in Packing Nightmare! that I was heading to the shops to buy everything I realised I’d forgotten. I did, then my packing hit a brick wall when I realised I’d need an actual toiletries bag- I didn’t have one really, in the past I’ve just scattered my toiletries around my suitcase, because they’re pretty easy to find in a suitcase, whereas with a backpack, everything … Continue reading The Packing Process

The sacrifices a backpacker makes

So, I don’t think I’ve ever really read much on this topic, it can put a bit of a negative spin on the amazingness of travelling, but my intention really is to highlight the sorts of sacrifices backpackers make, that non-travellers take for granted, and even often complain about. 1. Having your own place. I would love to have my own place, rent or buy, whatever, as long as I can do whatever I want. But I don’t. I live with my parents, its cheaper and easier for me to save, and because I’m always dreaming of going to explore … Continue reading The sacrifices a backpacker makes

Backpacker Tip

Something I learnt when travelling around Australia, instead of wasting a few dollars on tumble drying your clothes, hang them up to dry! If you’re on the top bunk of a hostel, you can spread them around the bars, if you’re on the bottom bunk, you can do what I done, and them under the top bunk, above where you’ll be sleeping. It is a bit weird to sleep with clothes hanging around you, but it will save you a couple of dollars a week! Continue reading Backpacker Tip

Suitcase vs. Backpack

The age-old question for a backpacker, do you take a suitcase with you, or is it better to have a backpack?There is no right or wrong answer to this, it is entirely personal preference. Though if you have a destination in mind, its always better to choose your preferred luggage item based on that. Suitcase.When I moved to Spain and Germany, I took a suitcase. That was easy, I knew I was going to be living in one city for a certain period of time. When I went to Australia on a Working Holiday Visa, that was trickier. I didn’t entirely … Continue reading Suitcase vs. Backpack

Packing Nightmare!

It’s a well known fact that when it comes to trips away, however long or short, I become a major stress-head and have difficulty packing, mainly because I spend too much time procrastinating, and my attitude to it all is ‘if I don’t have it, I’ll get it when I’m there’. Obviously on trip to South America I’m going to need clothes, but as it will be autumn there when I go, I don’t really know which clothes to take. I have a range of trekking gear, which includes a sleeping bag, joggers, thermal leggings and vest, waterproofs, hoodie and … Continue reading Packing Nightmare!