Packing Nightmare!

It’s a well known fact that when it comes to trips away, however long or short, I become a major stress-head and have difficulty packing, mainly because I spend too much time procrastinating, and my attitude to it all is ‘if I don’t have it, I’ll get it when I’m there’.

Obviously on trip to South America I’m going to need clothes, but as it will be autumn there when I go, I don’t really know which clothes to take. I have a range of trekking gear, which includes a sleeping bag, joggers, thermal leggings and vest, waterproofs, hoodie and a light jacket. Then I have my city clothes, jeans, shorts, vests, nice skirts, a pretty dress for any nights out I may have. Then theres shoes. I’ve decided that a pair of shower flipflops are essential (who knows whats been on the floor in hostel showers). I also have my ordinary day-to-day flipflops, a pair of flat shoes (for day times/nights out), converses (for city sightseeing and not-so-warm days, and also in case I need to participate in any sporting activities during my teaching placement), and my newly acquired walking shoes, more so for the Inca Trail than anywhere else. I’ve also included a bikini in my packing list too.

Theres also toiletries. As I’m asthmatic I need to take as many inhalers as humanly possible, because you know, just in case I lose one, it runs out or whatever. Moisturiser is an absolute essential for me too. That all seems very organised, but there is still a heap of things I need to get. I’m in the process of making up a first aid kit, and I’m going to buy a cheap phone (unlocked- not tied to any network) with a new sim card, so people have more than one way of contacting me. And when I’m in Argentina I’ll probably pick up an argentine sim too. I need to get a cheap watch as well, because I have a really nice silver watch, and thieves are like blackbirds- anything shiny must be pinched, so I’m not going to take that with me. I feel there are a few other things I need, but I can’t really remember off the top of my head, I have a list somewhere. I know I need some argentine pesos, I already have US Dollars (USD), Peruvian Nuevo Sol (PEN) and Brazilian Real (BRL).

Oh, obviously I have my passport and South American guide book and Brazilian Portuguese phrasebook
Adapter. I had to look up info about South American plug adapters. I did have a worldwide adapter when I went to Australia a year and a half ago, but that stopped working after 6 months, so I had to buy just an Australian specific (which also worked for New Zealand) adapter. It turns out that in South America, some countries use the Australian plug, and some use the European plug, so I’m on a winner there, no need to buy any more adapters!


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