The Inca Trail Toilet Facilities

As I’d applied so late, finding out I’d managed to secure an Inca Trail Permit was such an awesome feeling. Obviously most people who go to Peru (and anyone who has been will know) that one generally goes there with the intention of trekking the Inca Trail, which starts at km82, and 26 miles later, finishes at Macchu Picchu, one of the seven wonders of the world, and an ancient Incan city. I will be doing the Inca Trail mid-April, and I am really looking forward to it. I do have one major concern regarding this trek: I’ve been informed that there are few, if any, toilet facilities along the way and on the campsites.
I’m the sort of lady that needs a toilet to sit on, cheeks to seat (preferably a dry seat that no one has urinated on because they hover, but that’s a separate issue). Weeing in a bush is almost impossible for me. The last time I attempted it (on a campsite), despite needing to wee really badly, it just didn’t happen. I ended up having to sprint to the toilet. The times I have managed to wee in a bush (very few) have generally resulted in me getting wee on my shoes or clothes because I don’t have the skills to keep my clothes dry while simultaneously weeing, and I don’t have a willy I can aim anywhere, unlike the male population. I am aware that all this might well be a major overshare, but I feel its an important issue to women like myself.
I have invested in a She-Wee for when I do the Inca Trail. I have never used it, and I’m not entirely convinced it will do the job, it may leak in places. I should maybe practice using it before I go.

Another thing no one ever really seems to mention, concerning the lack of toilet facilities; doing a number two. Obviously women do numbers twos as well, its just that this isn’t widely talked about among women. If I can’t even wee in a bush, how am I going to do a number two in a bush? Someone suggested I just take anti-diahorrea tablets and block myself up for four days. Apparently this is a very bad idea. It could cause all sorts of unnecessary problems and cause obstructions to my bowel.

So, I figure as long as I have my she-wee, toilet paper (or those new andrex washlets that have recently come out) and anti-bacterial handwash, as far as going to the toilet on the four-day Inca Trail is concerned, I should be ok. I’ll post about how it went after I’ve completed it.


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