overcoming jetlag

18 months ago when I went to Australia, I was told (and in my experience this is true) that the best way to get over jetlag is to just go with local time…for example if you arrive at your destination in the morning, stay awake until at least the evening. This has worked for me before, so this is what I was planning on doing upon arriving in Lima. My orginal arrival time was 5.30pm local time, which meant by the time I’d passed through immigration etc and arrived at my hotel, it would be time for bed. However due to all the delays I’d encountered, my new arrival time was somewhere around 6 30am, the following day), later changed to 7.30am due to more delays. Given that I hadn’t slept properly for several hours, this was an issue.


So after my arranged transfer failed to show (no surprise, considering all the delays), I asked customer services to call for a taxi for me. To them, this meant shouting ‘taxi’ to one of a number of drivers already waiting in the airport. I finally got dropped off at me hotel, and when checking in got told a whole load of information that I immediately forgot (apart from the missing breakfast part). When I finally got to my room, I didn’t know what to do. Do I sleep, do I shower, do I eat?


I decided on showering, then finding food. The best I could come up with was M & Ms. So I then headed to the city centre to get some lunch before my planned city tour (urban adventures).


I did manage to stay awake until 10pm, when I promptly fell asleep for about 10 hours. That was nice. I did however wake up this morning electricity and no hot water. I expect this is a common occurrance throughout south America. At least now, at almost 6pm Peru yine, I can confirm that I do not feel overly tired or jetlagged.


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