The true meaning of ‘Destination Unknown’

There’s a song playing on a loop in my head, I’m not sure what its called, but it has the line ‘anything can happen’. So true.


You could turn up to the airport as soon as check-in opens for your flight to LIM, after about 1 hour of sleep, only to find that half an hour before boarding it is delayed at least 2 hours, making sure you miss your connecting flight in CDG. Yes, this happened to me.


This sent me into panic mode, wondering how I was going to actually get to Lima. I spoke to the swissport staff in NCL, and they assured me that it would get sorted by the air line in Paris, and told me of a flight to Madrid then onto Lima that they could book me on. Brilliant.


After finally arriving in CDG, and heartbreakingly witness my connecting flight taking off from the runway as we landed, I eventually found the air France desk. The staff there surprised me, in that they had to consult a map of south America to figure out the practicalities of flying me to Lima via Chile. That would have meant getting a flight from Santiago to Lima with, if my understanding of French was correct, an airline that doesn’t have a very good reputation (takes one yo know one, air France!)


I would not accept these alternatives. The reason being was primarily the time they would have landed in Lima. Yes I’d love an impromptu flight to Chile, even if I cant actually leave the airport when there. Travelling is, after all, all about spontaneity and doing things on a whim. Had I not already booked myself on a city tour around Lima so that I could maximize the little time i had here, I might well have taken the Chilean flight. Instead I managed to convince them that my best option was go via Madrid. This route also came with a delay, but eventually after all the drama I made it to Lima and to my hotel, though not without a few hiccups there either.


I managed to make my Lima city tour, and I kinda think maybe I should have taken the Santiago flight, but I didn’t.


Just goes to show, no matter how much planning you do, you could end up on a spontaneous trip to a destination unknown.


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