The Inca Trail toilet facilities- the verdict

Before I went to Peru, I wrote about my concerns regarding the toilets on the Inxa Trail. A few people I know who’ve done the Inca Trail had told me that there aren’t any toilets along the way. This isn’t true, there is, the problem is that they’re just not very nice.

At the very beginning of the trek, there are proper toilets with seats. You have to pay 1PEN (roughly about 0.20GBP) for the privillage of using them. I did not mind that, as in my pre-trek briefing I was told that the toilets along the way are squatting toilets.

About 1 hour into the trek were the last proper toilets until we reached Machu Picchu. Again, you have to pay 1PEN to use them, but its definitely worth it. From then on, it was squatting toilets. These were nicer than the hole in the ground toilets we had to use on the homestay in Ccaccaccollo (How the other half live…). The Inca trail toilets flushed. They were white ceramic, and most of the toilets had sinks outside to wash your hands (no soap though). I do feel that if more money was invested in the toilet facilities they could actually be nice proper toilets.

I never got to use my She-wee, I managed just fine without it and I managed to keep my shoes and clothes urine free. I think the homestay helped me overcome my worries about squatting. I must say though, squatting really hurts my thighs. There were occasions when I almost fell over mid-wee because I just mustn’t have the strength in my thighs.

I also had to go through the not at all pleasant experience of doing a number two in these toilets. I never want to go through that again.

Reaching Machu Picchu on the final day was great. Not just because its one of the seven wonders of the world, but also because there are proper toilets there (again, they cost 1PEN to use).

I did feel a big sense of achievement having successfully weed in squatting toilets (and bushes when there were no toilets around). I doubt anyone else will be able to understand it, but for me weeing anywhere that’s not a toilet is a big deal for me, because its just not what I’m used to.


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