Oh Christ!

Obviously in Río, the biggest icon is Christ the Redeemer, or Cristo Redento, as he’s known here. He’s the big dude that stands on top of Corcovado mountain, looking over the city, with his arms outstretched, his right hand pointing towards the coast. And of course, he’s one of the seven wonders of the world.

I booked a trip to see him before I got to Río, just so I could guarantee seeing him. Typically British of me, I mentioned the not so nice weather I’d arrived to in a previous post (“‘Her name in Río and she dances on the sand…'”), so no surprises really when I woke up on Tuesday, the day after I arrived, and the day of my tour, to rain and cloud.

Our tour took us first to Tijuca national park, the national park that surrounds Corcovado mountain. We got to see a nice waterfall there, then it was on to Christ the Redeemer. When we got to the top, luckily it had stopped raining, but it was still cloudy. We did get to see the Christ, but all those views of Río you see on postcards, the ones that you supposedly see from the Christ? No, too cloudy.

Despite not being able to view the city, I am grateful I got to see Christ the Redeemer. And I got that all important photo of me with him, both of us with our arms outstretched, because well, that’s his pose, so you’ve got to pose in the same way. He is one tall dude too!

So that’s two wonders of the world I’ve seen within less than a week of each other, only 5 more left to see.


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