Feathers, tassles, and barely-there beach wear

While in Rio ,  I decided to go to see a  Samba show, since Samba is a Brazilian style of dance. My evening began with dinner in a Churrasco- Brazilian BBQ.  I booked this night through Viator, as travelling alone I didn´ t want to wonder the streets of Rio alone at night looking for somewhere to see some Samba. I was with a few other people who had the same idea as me, which also meant I made a few friends too.

After dinner, we were then taken to Plataforma, the place (I´m not sure whether to call it a theatre or club or something else) where the Samba show was. Before the show began, we could  get photos taken with some of the dancers. 

The show itself was a pretty amazing show. The Samba costumes were spectaclar , they were so colourful. There was a lot of feathers and tassles. The costumes for the female dancers, most of the time, were tiny thongs and barely-there bras.  The male dancers weren´ t wearing a lot either. Both the males and females had pretty toned bodies, and there was some acrobatics from the males too as part of the show.

The finale was even more amazing still- the costumes were very over the top (but that is showbusiness). There were even more feathers and tassles, and some of the females were even wearing fruit-hats, in the style of the famous Brazilian singer Carmen Miranda, I think. If you do find yourself in Rio, I would recommend embracing the culture by way of seeing a Samba show. I imagine it´s all even more glamourous and over the top during February´s Carneval, something I would love to go and see one day.


In keeping with the subject of thongs, something quite stereotypical for Brazilians, I did notice a lot of thong bikini´s on the beach, from the women. And women of all different shapes and sizes. There is clearly no reason to be self-conscious of your body when in Brazil. The men, of course, were wearing rather small and rather tight speedo-style swimming trunks – there were none of the loose-fitting swimshorts like we get in the UK.

Someone I met recently from Brazil was asked if the stereotype of thong-wearing on the beach was true. She said not, but I have definitely seen otherwise. Personally, I don´t understand the need to show off your entire bum while on the beach, and from a comfortability perspective, I don´t  see how it could be very pleasant. But then I guess bikini and swimwear choice is entirely personal preference when on the beach. This is one aspect of the culture I certainly didn´t embrace, though looking around the beach shops in Rio, if I had have forgotten my bikini, I wouldn´t have had any choice in the matter, most of what I saw was thong-style bikinis. And those tiny swimming trunks for the men. So if you do ever find yourself in Rio (though it might be the whole of Brazil too, but I´m not too sure), and you don´t want to follow that certain cultural trend, I suggest  you remember to pack your bikini/swimshorts.


I never did dance on the sand, the two times in Rio I went to the beach I just sat there trying to brown in the sun.


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