Going through airports, bus stations and train stations, I’ve noticed a lot of people have matching luggage. I’ve even seen someone use her matching vanity case as hand luggage, I didn’t think anyone actually done that. I don’t understand why people feel the need to have matching luggage. When I lived in Spain I had a giant navy blue suitcase, and a small flowery suitcase as hand luggage. In Germany, I’d swapped the navy blue suitcase for my sisters pink suitcase. When I went off to Australia, I got a bright blue suitcase for my hold luggage and I used my pink backpack as hand luggage. For this trip, I’m using the same pink backpack and then a large blue rucksack. I have an assortment of luggage items, none of them matching each other. And most importantly, none of them black. Black luggage is probably the most difficult to pick out on the luggage belt in the airport.


I don’t want matching luggage, I think it’s boring to match, so be different, mix it up, and don’t use that silly oversized vanity case you get with a luggage set.


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