Return of the tan

In A Level French, I learnt that the reason we all like to have a tan is down to Coco Chanel (yes, the French fashion designer) falling asleep in the sun one day and waking up with beautifully tanned skin. This changed how we all saw tanned people because once upon a time you were working class outdoor labourers if you had a tan, but Coco Chanel changed this so that having a tan became fashionable.

This is why whenever I get sunburnt, I blame Coco. I rarely manage to get a tan from lying in the sun. However, new years eve 2012 was I got the best tan I’d ever had (I was in Australia). I think this was a mix of regularly applying suncream, and sitting in the sun all day. A few months later, when I stopped spending so much time in the sun, my tan faded, and when I got back to the UK several months later, I noticed it had gone completely. 

Now, after spending a number of days in the sun, on boats, beaches and walking around, I have found that my nice tan is reappearing. I quite like being tanned, my skin is perfectly sunkissed and I have a few freckles appearing.


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