World Cup Fever!

Brazil is a country renowned for its love of football. In Río alone there are at least two football teams, obviously both big rivals. Knowing this, you would think the Brazilian citizens would be thrilled that they get to host the World Cup (Copa Mundial) this year. You will have seen in the news, however, that they are not too thrilled about the impending World Cup.


I have spoken to a few Brazilians, and they say the reason no one really wants the World Cup to be held in Brazil is because it is quite frankly a waste of public money.

But FIFA gives them money to improve their stadiums and to be able to host the World Cup. Yes, they do (at least I think they do), but it’s obviously not enough.


Given that the healthcare isn’t overly accessible for the less fortunate in Brazil (unlike our NHS, healthcare is expensive in Brazil, and not everyone can afford it), public money would be better spent on improving that than improving football stadiums. Another backpacker told me he’s been to the stadium in Río to see a football match, and because the stadium is now really big, to be able to deal with the influx of football fans, it looked empty. This was with just under two months to go until the start of the World Cup. And I’m sure it will be the same afterwards too.


One Brazilian I spoke to told me that the reason all the riots and chaos is happening in Brazil, particularly in Río, this year especially, is because all the focus is now on Brazil, with the World Cup drawing ever closer. The citizens of Brazil are basically letting the world know what its like to live there, they’re trying to draw attention to the fact that they now have better football stadiums than hospitals.

I think its a great idea- while the focus is on their country, they’re trying to draw the medias attention to just how bad it can get. I’ve been told it can take about a week to see a doctor, then another week to get treatment. Footballers get this straight away during a match if they injure themselves.


Maybe rioting and violence isn’t the best way to go about drawing attention to this issue, but it’s a good start. It means people like me will write about it and highlight it on places like blogs so readers like you can understand what’s going on. How would you feel if this was the case in Britain?


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