This may make animal lovers cry. I’m not a big animal person myself, but I have noticed a few things about animals in South America; there are a lot of stray animals, particularly dogs. I first noticed this in Peru. In Peru, their main priority is raising animals then using them as food. That is just how they live. They don’t really care about cats and dogs as they don’t use them for food (I guess at least that’s a plus). I saw a lot of stray dogs wandering around the streets.

I didn’t notice it so much in Brazil compared to Peru, although I think there were a few strays around. In Argentina, particularly in Buenos Aires, what I have noticed however is the amount of dog poo on the pavement. For a start, I don’t think picking up your dogs poo is a priority here, but given that there are a lot of stray dogs around, that is probably the main reason for all the dog poo in the street. I’ve only spent a few days in Buenos Aires so far and have’t seen any stray dogs, but I’m sure there will be homeless dogs around.


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