First day nerves…

I never thought I’d end up teaching, but when I came back from Australia almost a year ago I decided doing a TEFL course was a good idea as it would take me pretty much anywhere in the world.

I’d wanted to go to South America for years, so to me it seemed logical to look for a TEFL job there. I was looking for an internship where I’d get in-country support from a company. It would make me feel safer doing that. It turns out though that they aren’t widely available.

My next idea was to just go and travel in South America. So when I was looking at my options I came across a voluntary teaching programme with Voluntario Global. The minimum was a two week stay. As it was located in Buenos Aires, I wanted to stay longer (and get even more TEFL experience)

I decided to do four weeks teaching, and spend the rest of my time travelling.

Last week I had my induction, which consisted of me being told all about Voluntario Global and the other projects they do besides teaching. The day after my induction was my first day. I was taken to the academy I’d be working at, given my teaching schedule, and told more about the way the academy works. Right up until then I wasn’t nervous. I think being there made me nervous.

I wasn’t teaching on my own, luckily. The way the academy works, because it’s an after-school type of thing, the students go there because they want to learn English. The older students and more advanced students teach the younger and less advanced students. I think that’s a great set up! My role is primarily to help the students with their pronunciation.

I soon got over my first day nerves. It turns out standing in front of a class isn’t so daunting afterall! I have since taught on my own (with other teachers still present), and I’m finding I’m really enjoying it.


3 thoughts on “First day nerves…

      1. Hey Karen, thanks hey. I’m taking a week to kinda clear my mind a bit and then start researching places. I shall keep you posted and what not.

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