I’ve been Tango’d!


Before I came to Argentina, I’d decided I wanted to learn how to dance Tango while here. It’s a dance that orginated in Argentina, and Buenos Aires in particular is famous for Tango. I’ve been in Buenos Aires for two weeks now, and so far I’ve had three Tango lessons.
Certificate for attending a beginners Tango lesson!

Before I started learning, I was told by a few Argentineans how difficult it is to learn. They were right, it isn’t as easy as I’d imagined. And I’m learning it in Spanish too. I thought it would be similar to Salsa, which I learnt in Spain. It isn’t, it’s a lot harder. I lack the one important thing you need to dance Tango- rhythm.

I have discovered Tango isn’t just a dance. It’s an art, a form of expression. It’s about expressing passion.
It’s a dance you dance with someone, the woman lets the man guide her, and they dance closely to each other. That’s something I find difficult; dancing so closely with a complete stranger! The steps are quite difficult too, and for women it’s a dance you dance in heels. Not converses. I didn’t bring any heeled shoes with me, they weren’t a packing priority, and so I’m stuck dancing in converses. It will be a lot easier with the correct shoes on, and my teacher has told me that. But I’m not going to buy a pair of heels for the sake of two more Tango lessons.

I’ve also had the pleasure of going to a Tango show. Watching professional Tango dancers on stage, in full costume.
It was incredible. I would love to be able to dance like that one day.

El caminito, which is a colourful part of La Boca, an area in Buenos Aires, is famous for it’s Tango dancers dancing in the street. El caminito is such a beautiful place and the colours make it stand out. That, along with the passion of the Tango dancers make it utterly amazing. When I went there, I learnt that El caminito is a Tango song. I may have heard it during my Tango lessons or during the Tango show, but I’m not too sure!

El Caminito Lyrics, and El caminito colourful building!

I am hoping I will get a bit better in my next two lessons, and if I can, I will continue to learn (in heels) when I am back in the UK!


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