It’s all about pasta!

Living off a diet of pasta, pasta, pasta and yet more pasta, I’ve learnt a lot about how to vary my pasta meals. When I was Spain I learnt from a flatmate that putting tuna in pasta, mixed with a tomato based pasta sauce is brilliant. When I cook pasta, I usually add vegetables to it- onions and mushrooms are the tops ones I add. They make everything taste delicious! In the supermarket here I’ve found (well, a fellow volunteer has found) a packet of chopped mixed vegetables. These go really well in pasta dishes too. Sometimes, I tear up pieces of ham and add that into my pasta, instead of tuna. It depends what food I actually have in the fridge and the cupboards.

My most recent pasta discovery has been that cuppa soup makes a great pasta sauce, if you can get the consistency right. That means you don’t have to stick to the tomato-based sauce every day. I am getting a bit tired of eating pasta all the time, but without an oven, and getting in from work quite late every night, I can’t cook anything proper. Ironically though, my first meal when I get home will be lasagne, but that’s because my mum makes an absolutely amazing lasagne. And I can’t cook lasange without an oven.


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