Destination Uruguay!


When I planned and booked my trip to South America, the countries I’d decided I’d visit were Peru, Brazil and Argentina. That was it. And that was all that was on my travel itinerary.

I went to Uruguay a couple of days ago. That wasn’t part of my plan, but because it’s so close and easy to get to from Buenos Aires, I’d decided while I was here that I wanted to go. I booked my trip there in the middle of last week, just three days before going. It’s cheaper to go to Colonia del Sacramento than Montevideo, the capital, from Buenos Aires, and the way to get there is by ferry.
I managed to find a ferry company that done a great deal on a day trip to Colonia from Buenos Aires and included lunch and a city tour of Colonia.

Boarding the ferry to Colonia was very much like boarding a plane- I had to check in, go through immigration, get my passport stamped, present my boarding card. I was quite surprised at how official it all was as I’ve been on ferries from the UK to France before, and the security checks aren’t as strict as that.
The ferry ride there was three hours, and I arrived in Colonia at lunchtime. The restuarant was located in a great spot and I had a lovely sea view.
As soon as I’d finished my lunch I walked around the Old Town. It’s really small, but very pretty. After a brief look around I wanted to do the city tour, which was the city sightseeing bus, so I hopped on that. I got off when we were along the coast in the ‘new town’. That was very pretty too.
The second stop I got off at was the Plaza de Toros- a bullring (that is now no longer used). It was so pretty. I’d never been to a bullring before and I’ve always wanted to see one.
After the city bus tour I was dropped back off in the old town, and walked around there for an hour or so until my ferry back to Buenos Aires. The back was only a one hour journey and I was back in Buenos Aires by 9pm. Given that it’s almost winter here, it was still quite a nice day in Colonia. It’s a beautiful little town and definitely worth a visit!

Weed was legalised in Uruguay at the start of May (this almost put me off going), but weirdly, I couldn’t smell it at all and have found that the smell of weed particularly in Buenos Aires is really strong in parts, although it is still very much illegal here.


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