Stamp Collecting

Recently, I’ve decided that I am a stamp collector. But I don’t mean that I collect postage stamps, what I mean is that I collect passport stamps.

Since going to Australia almost two years ago and getting my very first passport stamp, I decided I wanted to get as many stamps in my passport as possible. I’m building up quite a collection now, and my recent trip to Uruguay (‘Destination Uruguay’) meant that I got to add a few more to my passport. One thing that annoyed me when going through immigration was that my passport got stamped on the pages where I already have stamps. I have a heap of emtpy pages in my passport, but immigration are too lazy to find a blank page. I know this is something that annoys most people, especially other travellers. One country stamp (entry and exit) should be one page, then find a new page!

My passport won’t ever get full up before I have to renew it again, but I do still want to add to my collection of traveller stamps!


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