Argentinian Food and Drink (part 1)

The main thing Argentina is known for is steak. Argentinian steak is delicious! Here, it is often eaten with salad. A little bit of healthiness there. Another thing I’ve learned about in Argentina is that they like meat in general. A few weeks ago I tried Matambre- it is some type of meat, I’m not entirely sure what, but it’s delicious too! I would imagine being a vegetarian here could be quite difficult!

As far as deserts and snacks go, there are alfajores- these are my favourite types of sweets. It’s basically two biscuits sandwiched together with chocolate or dulce de leche or something, and often coated in chocolate, either milk chocolate, white or dark chocolate. You can even get them coated in meringue too. There are different sorts of alfajores. For example cadbury and milka make them, but there are places that just do alfjores, like Havanna. Havanna are delicous, and are a specialty of Mar del Plata, though they’re very widely availble in Buenos Aires, and I’d imagine that they’re available elsewhere in Argentina too.

I mentioned dulce de leche in the above paragraph. Dulce de leche is one of my favourite things. It means sweet milk, but it is nothing like milk. It comes in pots, like chocolate spread, and can be used in the same way as chocolate spread- you can put it on your toast, on biscuits or crackers, it is the filling for most alfajores, and my favourite is the dulce de leche pancake. I’ve had a few of them, and they’re yummy! I bought a pot of dulce de leche almost four weeks ago, and surprisingly I still have some left, but I’ve been eating it on my crackers as a desert.

Another big thing here in Argentina is Té Maté. You will see people carrying around flasks of hot water and maté cups so that they can have their maté during the day. Maté is basically what looks like a lot of herbs and grass in a cup. You drink it from a special cup, through a special straw that will stop the herbs going into your mouth. All you do is put hot water into the cup when it’s filled with the maté. It’s a drink you share among friends, it gets passed around, each person taking a sip or two. Maté is quite good for you too!


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