Gaucho Girl for the day!


In a previous post (Adrenaline Junkie seeks her thrills in South America), I wrote all about the ‘adrenaline pumping’ activities I’d done so far and I mentioned that I didn’t know what Buenos Aires would have in store for me.

Argentina is famous for its cowboys, or ‘Gauchos’ as they’re known here. So I decided to go to an Estancia (ranch) for a day. I went to Santa Susana Estancia, which is about an hour outside of Buenos Aires. I did it as an organised group tour, and when we arrived there, we were greated by a Gaucho and his wife, with wine and empanadas (at 11.30am!)

There were two small museums on the Estancia to look around. They were replicas of old farm houses and how they looked inside. They were quite cute.

We were given the opportunity to ride a horse (just walking around a field), and I was planning on doing that until I got close to the horses and realised I’d forgotten my inhaler. With an allergy to horses, I didn’t want to get on one and make my asthma worse, so I settled for a ride in an old-fashioned horse and carriage.
It was a good ride, though it felt wobbly in parts.

After a few hours of being in the Estancia, we were called for lunch. We were given a three course lunch, which consisted of salad, an asado, and a traditional Argentinian pastry for desert.
It also included wine. A lot of wine. After lunch we saw some of the gauchos and their wives dancing tango, and there was a band playing traditional folk music.
It was very relaxing. We were given the opportunity to dance too, and when asked by a Gaucho, I couldn’t really say no!

The final part of the day was a bit of a show put on by the Gauchos, doing tricks on their horses. It was quite spectacular to watch, I was very impressed!

One thing I did notice about the horses at the Estancia was that they all had their tails cut really short. I have no idea why this is, but it looked neat, so I assume it’s something to do with the aesthetics of the horses and Gaucho shows.


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