Bucket List

I’m sure everyone has a bucket list, not necessarily a written version (in fact most likely not a written version), but you’ll probably have in your head an idea of everything you want to do in your life. Bucket list ideas range from doing various activities like sky diving, parachuting¬†or skiing, to places you want to visit, like the Grand Canyon or the seven wonders of the world.

There are also lots of articles on travel websites and blogs about the places you must visit: famous buildings, top ten beaches, the top European destinations, the top twenty most visited places in the USA and so on. These will make your bucket list an eternally growing list of things to do.

What I’ve learnt from travelling, not just in South America but from my time in Australia too, that no matter how many adventurous activities you do or places you visit, you will probably never get everything ticked off.

Why? Because the more you see and do in the world, you discover so many more things that you never knew you wanted to do or places you wanted to go. When I was in Australia I never got the chance to see Ayers Rock, and when I was in New Zealand I didn’t have time to go to the South Island. These are things I want to do at some point in my life. I didn’t know until I was in New Zealand’s North Island that I desperately wanted to visit the Franz Josef Glacier. Here in South America, I haven’t been absolutely everywhere I want to go. I want to go to Patagonia, and I want to go to Chile, and I want to go to Ecuador and Colombia too. And the idea of going to the Galapagos is growing on me as well (once upon a time I wasn’t too fussed about going there but now I’m starting to want to). I also really want to do a sky dive, and I didn’t know I wanted to until I was in Australia and it was just a normal backpacker thing to do. Asia is a continent I’ve never fancied exploring until recently. When I meet people who’ve to places I’ve never thought of going, they often make it seem really appealing and I get that ‘I NEED to go’ idea in my head.

This just gives me an excuse to go back to all these countries some other time. If I’d seen everything the first time I’d soon run out of places to go to. It also gives me an excuse to continue travelling, as there is still so much I am yet to see.
It’s impossible to see absolutely everything on one trip, because you don’t know about absolutely everything until you’re there.


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