Life as a Volunteer Abroad


In a previous post (‘My Voluntario Global Experience’) I talked about my teaching experience with Voluntario Global. Life as a volunteer abroad isn’t just about spending all your time to your chosen voluntary project. I’ve spent the past four weeks living in the VG House, so I’ve been living with other volunteers. While we’re all dedicated to our projects (we were all doing different voluntary projects), we spent a lot of time getting to know each other and getting to know the city together.

Voluntario Global holds a monthly debate, and if you’re a volunteer here you’re encouraged to go along. I went to one about Sustainable Development. It was all in Spanish, which is fine with me, but there were other non-Spanish speaking volunteers here too. I was told that as my Spanish was really good, I could translate for the people who didn’t understand. This meant I had to pay attention to absolutely everything that was going on. I must admit, it felt a bit like being back in a University seminar and not having a clue what to say on the topic. So I just listened. And I ended up not needing to translate too much for other people.

We’ve also experienced life as a local by going along to the revolution day events. And getting squashed by the crowds at Plaza de Mayo because of it.

And we went along to a protest against Monsanto, something which VG feels strongly about.

Living with other volunteers isn’t the same as living in a hostel. It’s better. We’re more respectful of each other, and as we all have different schedules for our projects too. Not every volunteer has to get up at 7am for their project, and not every volunteer gets home at 9.30pm from their project.
Living with other volunteers has been fun. And while we’ve all been dedicated to our projects, we’ve managed to make time for fun too. We were like one big family, which towards the end of VG time was ever-increasing! I’ve only been gone from the VG house two days and already I miss my VG family!


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