Chocoholic sinks Submarines

Anyone who knows me well knows that I am the worlds biggest chocoholic. Here in Argentina, I´ve discovered something wonderful that only true chocoholics will appreciate: submarinos (submarines). This is a form of hot chocolate. If you order a ´submarino´ in a cafe here, you will get a glass of steamed milk, and a chocolate bar that generally comes in the shape of a submarine. You then drop your submarino in the glass of hot milk, and stir it frantically until all the chocolate has melted. And there you have ´un submarino´.

The reason it´s called a submarino is because basically the bar of chocolate sinks, like a submarine. One in particular I had not only came in the shape of submarine, but the packet was yellow, like in the song, ´Yellow Submarine´. Brilliant! Not every submarino that you order will be in the shape of a submarine though. I have discovered however that some submarinos have sectors (like a Dairy Milk chocolate bar) so that you can break it into smaller pieces so that it melts even quicker.

I think it´s a genius invention and it makes hot chocolate drinking even more fun than it already is! Yummy!


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