Argentinian Food and Drink (part 2)

This is a follow up to Argentinian Food and Drink (part 1) ( I didn’t cover all the food and drink in the previous post, as there was still more for me to discover, so here is the rest.

Empanadas. These were a big thing in Brazil, and they’re an even bigger thing in Argentina. They’re more delicious in Argentina too. Empanadas are a bit like pasties, but the pastry is nicer, and the fillings are totally different. You can get ‘Criollo’, which is the traditional filling. This is minced meat mixed with boiled egg and olives. There are onions in it too. Other fillings are Caprese, which is like cheese and tomato, and then there’s Jamon y Queso- ham and cheese. I’ve also had a Roquefort empanada too. That’s very cheesey! My favourite filings are criollo and jamon y queso.

Asado. Asado basically means BBQ. I mentioned in part 1 that Argentina love steak. Well really, they love all meat, especially when it’s grilled on a BBQ.

I’ve had asado a few times, and it’s just a lot of different meat, including black pudding. You can get an asado at restaurants and they serve it with salad. You will probably end up with about three different meats on your plate at once.

I’ve noticed that Gnocchi is widely available in Argentina too. I think this is something to do with the many Italian immigrants that live there. I’ve also noticed that Brownies with ice cream is quite a common desert in restaurants.

If like me, you’re a chocolate lover, you’re going to want to know this: Cadburys chocolate is available in Argentina. I was ecstatic when I found this out as Cadburys is my favourite. It tastes a bit different to Cadburys in the UK. In Australia, they put something in their chocolate to give it a higher melting point than ours in the UK, and that makes I taste different, so maybe they do the same thing in Argentina. My favourite chocolate bar is ‘Tres Sue├▒os’. This is dark, white and milk chocolate, all layered up in one chocolate bar. It’s Cadburys, and yes, it’s as delicious as it sounds.
Another great chocolate bar invention in Argentina is the Milka dulce de leche filled chocolate bars. I mentioned dulce de leche in part 1. You can get these chocolate bars in either milk chocolate or white chocolate, filled with all the goodness of dulce de leche. Yum Yum!

Finally, with drinks, I can’t forget to mention WINE. Argentina are big wine producers, and in particular are famous for their red wine- Malbec. I wrote all about this in Vino Tourism (, so please see that post for more about wine. I don’t want to repeat myself, but basically, Malbec is a very delicious red wine produced in Mendoza, Argentina.


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