The End of an Era

My time in South America came to and end a week ago when I came home. I had an absolutely amazing time, and I’ve accomplished my biggest dream. South America was somewhere I’d always wanted to go, for the pat six years at least. Now, it’s a place I want to return to some day.

When I went to South America, I had absolutely no clue what I would do with my life when I returned. I found this quote in the LAN magazine in April, which basically summed up how I felt about life after South America:

‘When it appears there’s nowhere left to discover, people forge ahead regardless. On foot or aboard sophisticated ships, the explorers of yesterday, today and tomorrow embark on journeys with the same goal: to unveil worlds no one has ever seen.’

At the time, when I found this quote, I was just starting my South American journey, and wondering what people do when they’ve achieved all their dreams. The answer I found was just continue searching until you find something new to dream about.

I will continue to update this blog, this isn’t the end of my traveling time just yet!


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