Time Travel


Country time zones have always been something I’ve understood. I always know if I’m ahead or behind the UK. And when I was in Australia and their Daylight Saving Time ended because it was winter, and the UK were putting their clocks back, all I had to do to figure out the time difference was sit down with a piece of paper and work it all out. I went from being 11 hours ahead to just 9. It took a while, but I got there. And yes, I realise I could have just looked online at the world time zones clock, but where is the fun in that?

When I was in South America, my trip again collided with the UK spring clock change, so I quickly figured out that I went from being 6 hours behind to just 5, which changed again to 4 when I flew from Peru to Brazil.

So I have always been aware of the time differences of wherever I am. Until recently, when I was trying to arrange to Skype my sister and I got very confused. I’m in Spain, only one hour ahead of the UK. It’s not at all difficult to figure out, not really. My confusion came when, for some reason, I thought Spain was an hour behind the UK (I think a part of me still thought I was in South America, as they’re behind). I’ve never been so confused by a simple time difference as I was at the start of the week.

I think I’ve got it now though, 1 hour ahead. Simple.
Of course, I’m writing this on the exact same weekend as the UK put their clocks back one hour (the time change happens at 2am Sunday morning), so mornings won’t feel like the middle of the night throughout winter. It’s the same for Spain, Germany and I would guess most of western Europe too, try not to let it confuse you too much, we get an hour extra this weekend 🙂


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