Have your cake


Everyday in Brazil in the hostels I stayed in the buffet breakfast consisted of, among other things of less importance, cake. Most days it was just plain vanilla sponge, but on the odd day I would wake up to chocolate cake too. Being a self-confessed chocoholic, this was very much to my delight.

When I arrived in Barcelona 6 weeks ago I discovered cake for breakfast was a totally normal thing. I’m pretty much in my element here, although I don’t eat cake EVERY day. I tell Spanish people that in the UK cake is not a normal breakfast food, but for me it is. I’m always met with the response that I must be more Spanish than English.

For a lot of people cake is a bizarre breakfast food. Not for me. If there is cake in the house it will be my breakfast. Cake has been one of my chosen breakfast foods for quite a while, and not too long ago I discovered an article declaring chocolate cake was classed as a healthy breakfast, because it kickstarts your metabolism. I’m not an expert and I can’t say for definite, but I’m sure anything you eat in the morning will kickstart your metabolism.

This is the article confirming that chocolate cake is healthy:


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