Lost and Found


It’s often said that people travel to find themselves; they realised they got lost in a boring life so they take off to find what they lost. Whether or not you ‘find yourself’ when travelling, you’re bound to lose something or other that you probably won’t be able to find again.

I lost a sock last week. Not a pair of socks, just one sock. I don’t even know how. I have a small room, and all of my things are in the room. The sock vanished. This isn’t even the first time I’ve managed to lose socks. When I was in Australia a sock vanished from my foot during a cold night (yes, it gets cold in Australia). I searched high and low for it, and still to this day I have no idea where it is. I kept the other one though, I still have that.

In the short time I’ve been in Spain, I’ve also managed to lose two nose studs. Nose studs just fall out easily anyway, but as I have to take mine out during the week, and it’s so small, it just gets lost too easily, it falls on the floor and it’s impossible to see again.

Luckily my ‘lost items’ list is only really trivial things that are easily replaceable. But it’s just annoying when it’s something as necessary as a sock.


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