A taste of home…

Part of travelling to a different country is experiencing different food too, which foodie bloggers understand. There is however only so much paella or tortilla de patatas or judías that you can eat before you start to crave food from your home country.

A few weeks ago I had a big craving for gravy. The best thing that goes with gravy (or rather, that gravy goes with) is a Sunday roast. My friend had found an Irish pub here that does a good Sunday roast, so we went there yesterday. Although I was only limited to either chicken or pork (it wasn’t a carvery, I can’t expect miracles), it was still delicious. I even finished it off with some delicious chocolate fudge cake, but not before adding in a bit of Spanish calimocho to drink with it.

A Sunday roast is probably the main dish I miss when I’m out of the UK. The Yorkshire pudding and gravy give it its uniqueness to Britain, as I’ve had to explain to a few people what exactly gravy is and how to make Yorkshires.

Eating it while drinking calimocho just takes the British edge off it a bit.


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