The Rio Carnival in Brazil is probably one of the most famous and well-known carnivals, although there are other places in the world where celebrating Carnival is a big event. Spain is one of these places.
Carnival is more of a festival than the parade some might think of when they think about Carnival. It’s spread across about a week, and there are different events going on in different places, streets and cities.

The event is mid-February, I’m still unsure of the date of THE main event, as it all seems to merge into one. I saw people preparing their costumes, people knew weeks before what they would dress as. There were parades in the street and a lot of costumes. And feathers. Lots and lots of feathers!


To celebrate Carnival, I took a trip out of Barcelona to Sitges- think Brighton, but in Spain. It has a reputation for being a pretty epic Carnival. And it was indeed pretty epic. Throughout the day there were people in the street all dressed up, parades going on throughout the day and night (lasting in excess of 3 hours). Confetti was thrown, drinks were consumed, and people partied into the earl hours.


Amazingly though, early the following day the streets were immaculate- there was little or no confetti in the streets, smashed glasses and empty cans and bottles had been cleared up, almost as if there were no Carnival.


One day I would like to celebrate Carnival in Rio, considering it’s the most famous and well-known Carnival.


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