Semana Santa: A brief guide to ‘Holy Week’ in Sevilla

DSCF2492     DSCF2450 Semana Santa, or ‘Holy week’ as it’s known in English, is the week before Easter Sunday. It starts on Palm Sunday, and continues all week through to Easter Sunday. And it is widely celebrated in Spain, but more specifically in Andalucía. DSCF2365 Being the dream-chaser that I am, I spent Semana Santa this year in Sevilla. It’s a place I’ve wanted to visit for a long time, and I wanted to visit for Semana Santa too. One of my reasons for wanting to visit Sevilla during Semana Santa is because of the plethora of processions they hold. I’d been told that the people dress in hoods and full length gowns, which are known as the ‘penitentes’. They’re the pilgrims in mourning and I think they’re also repenting their sins as well. DSCF2370     DSCF2424 Throughout the processions, of which there are many, the pilgrims carry crosses on their backs, there is a float with the Christ on and they carry candles too. The lengths of the processions vary, depending on the day and the type of procession. Some go all through the night, some are only a few hours during the day. The first procession starts on Palm Sunday, the big day for processions is Good Friday (these ones start just after midnight and go all through the day), and the final procession is early on Easter Sunday. DSCF2411 I wouldn’t recommend arriving late at night in Sevilla during Semana Santa, with the processions going on a lot of streets are closed and its difficult to navigate your way around, a mistake I made. While there, I discovered the bullfighting season also starts on Easter Sunday too. I would have loved to have gone for the experience, however tickets were out of my price range. DSCF2510 Apart from the Semana Santa celebrations, Sevilla has a lot to offer for tourists. My absolute favourite place was Plaza de España. It is just gorgeous. Sevilla also has the climatic attraction to it too- it’s super hot, with temperatures exceeding 30 degrees, and that was only in April. I’ve been told that temperatures increase a lot more during the summer months. DSCF2542 I’m looking forward to a time I get to return to Sevilla, it’s a city I’ve fallen completely in love with 🙂 DSCF2572    DSCF2574


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