Summer, flip flops and a bit of a packing error.


So, even though it’s been extremely hot (a minimum of 23 degrees and a maximum of 30 degrees) for some time now in Barcelona, I’m told summer has only just recently started. To me, it’s been summer since around the beginning of April, when my shorts and flip flops first made an appearance.

This has led me to coin the motto* ‘Life is better in flip flops’. I own what I personally deem an excessive amount of flip flops- I have 3 pairs, but each has its own use. 1 pair I use in the shower, especially when staying in hostels (because who knows what is on the floor in hostel bathrooms), another pair is for the beach. Just the beach. And my 3rd pair are my ever so comfy Reefs ( that are complete with a bottle opener on the bottom, and are quite perfect for walking fair distances in too. And to add to their awesomeness, they are durable. And comfy, did I mention how comfortable they are? And it is because of the sheer comfortableness of flip flops in summer that I now hold the ‘life is better in flip flops’ motto.

Too many people have commented that I wear the same clothes in the winter as I do in the summer. This is purely because I love summer. I love the sun. I’m a sun-chaser. And summer clothes are just heaps more appealing than woolly winter wear.

This is why I’ve also realised that my packing strategy is becoming a bit of a failure. In one of my very early blog posts regarding my South America trip and preceding packing meltdown ( in which I made the statement that I had packed mainly black-coloured clothes as it makes laundry easier (no separating colours/risking your whites going a funny shade of grey). While this is true I would like to retract that. Since, despite my constant complaining of the heat, and given that I love and live for the summer, black clothes during this hot season are a ridiculous idea. Everyone knows that black clothes absorb the heat. Lighter clothes deflect it**. This has also led me to the decision that I need a bit of a new summer wardrobe so that I can be a bit more comfortable in the heat. Any excuse for a shopping trip, of course!

(*Disclaimer 1: I’m not 100% certain if it is an original or if I may have read it somewhere else. **Disclaimer 2- I am not a scientist.)


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