Summer Photo Challenge

Recently I read an article titled ’10 Instagram filters every traveller should know and love.’ Just the title alone was enough to make me almost turn my nose up at it and NOT read it. But I was curious…

I’m not an Instagrammer, I never jumped on that bandwagon, claiming that any photos I want to share with friends and family will go on the only social networking site I use- Facebook. Lately, I’ve been very lazy about posting new photos. I have a tonne from Catalonia I am still yet to upload, and my time here is rapidly drawing to an end. But in reality, it’s not just out of laziness that I haven’t been uploading my snaps lately. I just know people don’t look at them the way they used to. I know I don’t. I see the first few photos from a friends holiday album, and don’t bother going through the rest. I guess this Instagram phenomenon has something to do with it too- I see a lot of people posting photos to facebook ‘through’ Instragram. I’ve never even been on the webpage, so I have no idea what it’s all about. But discovering there are filters for users to play around with has made me realise that a lot of my Facebook friends are photo cheaters.

The way I see it is if you can’t take a decent photo without a filter, then maybe you just shouldn’t. Apart from the black and white filter. I love the artistic slant that can give just about anything. I’m not a photographer myself, not on a professional level anyway, but I do enjoy taking photos when I travel. I even made a photo calendar of my Aussie Adventure a couple of Christmases ago, showcasing 10 of my best snaps for my parents to display for a year (2 other months were dedicated to other occasions).

I have taken some pretty good photos in the past without using any type of filter, I generally have my little digital camera on automatic. So, as the summer is now in full swing, and with some inspiration from other bloggers and Girl Gone International, I am setting myself a summer photo challenge. One photo a week based on different themes, no filters. Using the Girl Gone International photo challenge from a few months ago, I’m starting with a theme from there. Any other suggestions are welcome.

My first theme will be: #19 from the list- In My Hand. Photo to follow within the next week!


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