Summer Photo Challenge- Week 2

My challenge for this week was ‘How I get around’. The way I interpreted that was how I get around the city I’m currently living in, not how I get around the world.

I have more than one photo for this challenge.

I have recently started walking a lot. To a lot of different places. It’s great, it keeps me fit, and last weekend I realised that with walking a lot, you can see a lot more. I walked to the beach last weekend, it took maybe an hour, but I passed this on the way:
I stumbled upon this monument when walking a route I’d never walked before. If I’d caught the metro to the beach, then I would never have been able to admire it.

Another way I get around though is with the metro.
Barcelona has a fantastic public transport network, which doesn’t just include the metro (which has several connection locations), but also buses, trams and local trains (Rodalies), that go a lot further than just around Barcelona centre. The ticket prices are pretty good too. I know tourists can get deals on 2, 3, 4 or 5 day passes for the transport (buses, trams, metros, rodalies), which are probably good for shot city break tourists, but there are other great tickets too.
Among the buses is also the famous City Sightseeing Bus, which you will find in all the big cities. I’ve never been on the City Sightseeing Bus here, but I have been on a couple elsewhere. It is a great way to get to know a city and all the (tourist) hotspots.
Here is a link to help figure out the underground transport in Barcelona:

Next weeks challenge theme: #12 from the GGI list- ‘Emotion’ (this seems like it could be more difficult).


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