Summer Photo Challenge- Week 3

Week 3- Emotion.

I thought this would be a difficult one, until I arrived at work on Monday morning and was faced with an array of different emotions. Not from me, from the people I work with. They are children. They were happy, angry, frustrated, excited, probably other things too.
I have also witnessed and felt fear this week too. I went on a visit to a farm one day at work, some of the children were scared of the animals, as was I, as I am not an animal person.

At lunch time, after work, I go to sit in the park to eat my lunch and soak up the sun. There, I have¬†witnessed another emotion- determination. The park where I eat my lunch has a running track, and the runners I see there are clearly determined. The track is 900 metres long, and some of these runners do in excess of 3 laps. Some of them run fast, some of them run slow. They all show determination. And they make me feel proud. Proud that they’re getting out there and running, proud that they have stamina, and entirely awestruck that they are able to run in the midday heat. I’m a runner myself, and so I know how difficult it is to run in such strong heat. I’ve been doing my best to avoid the heat for a while.

This same park where I eat my lunch almost every day is home to one of the best emotions. It’s the reason why I travel. It’s the reason I love my job.¬†There was even a Will Smith film about it.


It may look like a simple park, but there have been, are and will be many kids with happy memories of this place. I know I have happy memories of playing in parks when I was a kid, and FYI, I have even played in this park- see the red web type thing on the left in the background? I climbed up there just a couple of months ago.

Next week my photo challenge will be #28 on the Girl Gone International list- Taste.


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