Summer Photo Challenge- Week 4

This week my challenge was Taste. Anyone who knows me well enough (or has at read this blog post will know that (as the aforementioned blog post states) I am a chocoholic. So naturally it would make sense that I have some sort of chocolate photo for this weeks Taste challenge. But that’s too predictable. My next big taste-type love is wine (as this blog post suggests but again, too predictable.

For this challenge I’m going back to basics. Something so simple, but can come in many different varieties and with various added extras. There are even vegetarian versions, and perhaps maybe even vegan versions. They can cost a small fortune, or barely anything at all, and you can find them in pretty much every part of the world. It’s my go-to meal when I don’t know what else to choose on the menu. It’s my typical pub meal when I’m out with friends back home. It’s something I enjoy from the Mcdonalds menu, and it’s something I can cook myself. AND more often than not, in restaurants or fast food places, they come with chips. The whole meal itself is quite filling.


Simply a burger. This specific one had cheese, bacon and an onion ring in it. Until I had this burger I always thought I didn’t like onion rings, but apparently I do. I also love burgers with fried eggs in them too.

Next my challenge will be #4 from the Girl Gone International list- In the Morning.


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