Summer Photo Challenge- Week 5

In the morning. This was the theme for my challenge this week.
As I haven’t been working this week, I’d envisioned long, lazy mornings sleeping. But no. It has been far too hot this week (just as in previous weeks too) for any decent sleep. So most mornings I’ve been wide awake. A couple of times this week I decided to make the most of the day and hit the gym early.
This past month I’ve spent more time in the gym than I ever thought I could (getting into fitness and making sure I’m training enough for my upcoming half marathon in a few weeks).

Being so into exercise, I’ve noticed one very important thing- to get a good workout, especially in the morning, it is vital that you get enough food to provide the necessary energy you will burn from the exercise. Even if you’re not into exercise, getting some food in the morning is still important to give you the energy you need for the day.*

For me, breakfast is an important morning thing. I always keep it simple with toast and tea. If I know I’ll need more energy that day, I’ll also have some cereal too, which lately has been of the chocolate type (what else from a self-confessed chocoholic?).

Next week my challenge will be: # 5 from the Girl Gone International list- Brave New World.

Disclaimer: *the amount of energy you gain from eating breakfast, no matter how big, is not enough for the entire day. Do make sure to eat regularly throughout the day as well.


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