Peruvian Food and Drink (part 2)

As I was only half way through my time in Peru when I wrote part 1 of this, I obviously needed to do a second part to get a chance to write about any food I’ve missed out and new food and drink I’ve had.   In my first week in Peru, we had a Pachamanca ceremony. This is a ceremony in which we thank the Pachamama- Mother Earth- for our food. The food is cooked underground- hot wood is placed underground to cook it and its covered over with layers of leaves and soil. When the food is just … Continue reading Peruvian Food and Drink (part 2)

Following in the footsteps of the Incas

One of the highlights of my tour around Peru was doing the Inca Trail. There are lots of different Inca treks in Peru, but the Inca Trail (el camino inka) is the original and the most sacred one.   I felt lucky to have gotten a permit for the Inca trail, as its so popular usually you have to apply for one about 6 months in advance.   Starting the Inca trail, we were told our porters would carry duffle bags for us, with a weight limit of 6kg, and we’d have our day packs too. You can’t get away … Continue reading Following in the footsteps of the Incas