The Packing Process

So I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I’m taking a backpack with me to South America, and that I have difficulty packing (I just can’t concentrate on it for long enough). The before shot. I also mentioned in Packing Nightmare! that I was heading to the shops to buy everything I realised I’d forgotten. I did, then my packing hit a brick wall when I realised I’d need an actual toiletries bag- I didn’t have one really, in the past I’ve just scattered my toiletries around my suitcase, because they’re pretty easy to find in a suitcase, whereas with a backpack, everything … Continue reading The Packing Process

Suitcase vs. Backpack

The age-old question for a backpacker, do you take a suitcase with you, or is it better to have a backpack?There is no right or wrong answer to this, it is entirely personal preference. Though if you have a destination in mind, its always better to choose your preferred luggage item based on that. Suitcase.When I moved to Spain and Germany, I took a suitcase. That was easy, I knew I was going to be living in one city for a certain period of time. When I went to Australia on a Working Holiday Visa, that was trickier. I didn’t entirely … Continue reading Suitcase vs. Backpack