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World Cup Fever!

Brazil is a country renowned for its love of football. In Río alone there are at least two football teams, obviously both big rivals. Knowing this, you would think the Brazilian citizens would be thrilled that they get to host the World Cup (Copa Mundial) this year. You will have seen in the news, however, that they are not too thrilled about the impending World Cup.   I have spoken to a few Brazilians, and they say the reason no one really wants the World Cup to be held in Brazil is because it is quite frankly a waste of … Continue reading World Cup Fever!

Return of the tan

In A Level French, I learnt that the reason we all like to have a tan is down to Coco Chanel (yes, the French fashion designer) falling asleep in the sun one day and waking up with beautifully tanned skin. This changed how we all saw tanned people because once upon a time you were working class outdoor labourers if you had a tan, but Coco Chanel changed this so that having a tan became fashionable. This is why whenever I get sunburnt, I blame Coco. I rarely manage to get a tan from lying in the sun. However, new … Continue reading Return of the tan


Going through airports, bus stations and train stations, I’ve noticed a lot of people have matching luggage. I’ve even seen someone use her matching vanity case as hand luggage, I didn’t think anyone actually done that. I don’t understand why people feel the need to have matching luggage. When I lived in Spain I had a giant navy blue suitcase, and a small flowery suitcase as hand luggage. In Germany, I’d swapped the navy blue suitcase for my sisters pink suitcase. When I went off to Australia, I got a bright blue suitcase for my hold luggage and I used … Continue reading Luggage

Beautiful Islands and Boat trips

I left Río on Monday and came to Ilha Grande (which means ‘Big Island’). It’s a few hours drive then a short boat ride away from Río. And it’s beautiful.  I got off the boat and walked a few metres, along the pier and a bit more, and there was my hostel, right on the sea front, with a beautiful view of the harbour with the mountains in the background. I arrived there shortly before sunset, and that was also beautiful to see too.  The hostel I stayed in (Che Lagarto) was great, it had a brilliant atmosphere, it was … Continue reading Beautiful Islands and Boat trips

Feathers, tassles, and barely-there beach wear

While in Rio ,  I decided to go to see a  Samba show, since Samba is a Brazilian style of dance. My evening began with dinner in a Churrasco- Brazilian BBQ.  I booked this night through Viator, as travelling alone I didn´ t want to wonder the streets of Rio alone at night looking for somewhere to see some Samba. I was with a few other people who had the same idea as me, which also meant I made a few friends too. After dinner, we were then taken to Plataforma, the place (I´m not sure whether to call it … Continue reading Feathers, tassles, and barely-there beach wear

An afternoon walk through a Favela

As part of the hop-on hop-off bus pass I’d purchased from the Bamba experience, I had a walking tour of a Favela in Río. Admittedly walking through a Favela does sound quite scary, but it was with a guide, and a group of people.   For anyone who doesn’t know, a Favela is a run-down neighbourhood, generally found in the hills behind all the expensive neighbourhoods. It’s a bit of a shanty-town but it’s run by gangs, so there’s a bit of gang politics going on throughout neighbourhoods. They have a reputation for being violent, and it is advised to tourists … Continue reading An afternoon walk through a Favela