Summer Photo Challenge- Week 6

Brave new World. This was my big challenge for the week. And it was a challenging week indeed. Part of the reason this post comes slightly later than I’d like- I’ve a bit digitally disconnected. Not fully, but blogging from my phone would mean there is no way to include a photo, which would defeat the point of this challenge. (Yes, after more than a year as a blogger, I still haven’t figured out how to and if I can upload photos from the magical invention of the smart phone).

I’ve also been slightly disconnected from reality too, which I realised just before while watching the news.

The reason for the above being that I was in a new location. Still in Spain, but no longer in Barcelona. I said my goodbyes to the second city of Spain, and headed south. That journey was an adventure in itself. But I arrived in my new destination. A small place in the south of Spain, not too far from Sevilla.
I have been told that Andalucía is quite a different world to the big bad Barcelona. And it’s true, it is. Apart from the obvious climate difference, there is also the Arabic influence, which I admire so much about Andalucía. The old towns in the towns and cities I’ve visited have a certain charm to them too.

This is my photo for the week: A brave new world and a brave new adventure.
It’s a panoramic shot, so I have been playing with the settings on my camera a bit. I felt a panoramic was the best way to encompass as much as I could in my brave new world.

As it is the end of my summer and I take a bit of time away from the heat to chill (and I don’t just mean relax when I say that), it is also the end of my Summer Photo Challenge. I’ve learnt a lot from this challenge. I’ve learnt that I no longer carry my camera around as often as I used to when travelling. I’ve learnt that I rely far too heavily on my phone to capture certain things (due to said lack of camera). I did make a point throughout this challenge that all the photos I used were taken on my camera, not on my phone. With my brave new adventure I will endeavour to rely less on my phone to capture picture-perfect beauty, and more on my camera. 🙂


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