Solo travelling just got easier…

Anyone who’s ever taken a trip alone, whether it was a flight, a train or long bus trip, and with a lot of luggage, this applies to you.

When I was in Brazil I had a six hour wait in Sao Paulo bus station, waiting for a connecting bus. Six hours is a long time, and I drink a lot of water, especially when it’s hot. The difficulty I encountered was going to the toilet (yes, another toilet post).
I had my big rucksack, my small day bag, and another cloth bag for things that didn’t fit in the other bags. When I went to the toilet, had to take it ALL with me, then try to get into the very small cubicle with it all, figure out whether the floor was a good enough place to put my bags (this post will tell you why that’s a bad idea

I found myself thinking ‘if only I had a friend to accompany me on this trip so they can look after my bags when I go to the toilet’.
At the weekend, however, I found something that makes going to the toilet easier when you have all your bags with you:
(Girona train station, Catalonia)

A shelf in a toilet cubicle to put your bags. The cubicle itself is fairly spacious too. And yes, I did take a photo inside the toilet cubicle, because I had to share this genius invention with all my fellow travellers! I’m not entirely sure how easy it would be to lift a bag of 11kg up there (I only had a handbag as it was only a day trip), but it’s better than leaving it on the floor really!


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